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Book binding

Book binding

Book binding

There are numerous types of binding books which depends on the type of finish product you are looking at

  • Perfect Binding is used to bind¬† magazines, soft cover books, etc
  • Thread Sewing is used in section sewing like diaries, novels, etc
  • Case Binding is general used on hard cover books like diaries, etc
  • Saddle Stitch is generally used on thin books

Case Binding

Case binding is the most common type of hardcover binding for books.

The pages are made into a book block either by section sewing or perfect binding before the book block is attached to the cover. Case binding involves creating a book case (book cover) for the book and casing the book block into the case.

A case (cover) is made up of chipboard covered with leather, vinyl, paper. Etc.

Case binding is used for binding diaries, hardcover books like law books, thesis, novels, etc

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding is one of the easiest and fastest methods of binding books.

Perfect binding used adhesives to hold individual book pages together

Hot melt adhesive is placed on the book spine, producing a flat spine.

Perfect binding is commonly used in binding of manuals, soft cover novels, magazines, etc.

Thread Sewing

Thread is sewn through folded centres of each section of pages or flat collated pages are sewn down the centre before the book is bound. Books are much more durable.

This method is generally used on diaries, novels thesis